The Car Game via Stance Nation (Good Read)

The car game- It will change even the best of them. Spoken from a player perspective and as an observer.

We start off just wanting to have a nice car. It is after we achieve that goal that things get interesting.

Going to meets and car shows isn’t the same as it used to be. You are rock star drawing the type of crowds that would make Lil Wayne blush. Promoters are moving you to spots where the car can be seen. No more parking in the back where you have to walk 20 minutes to see the main attractions, you built what some people are there just to see.

Overnight, the treatment is like night and day. How can people be so shallow and change so quick you wonder. Car guys along with regular people start respecting you more based off of your whip. Your facebook n forum inboxes blow up everyday because you now all of a sudden have all of the answers. Everyone proudly claims they know you regardless if they do or not. “Yeah that’s my boy.”

The love is overwhelming. What a boost in confidence a drop, wheels and a body kit can do. From there an ego forms. With some its more present than others but all cars guys have it no matter how well they hide it. I don’t care what you say, without it, you wouldn’t be able to take your car to the next level. When humans get treated differently than we are used to (good or bad), we change as we are products of our environment.

The cars that inspired you are now being compared to yours. You could of never imagined it happening. It sort of feels like a movie script. People who you never met argue for hours online which is the nicest. The feeling leaves you on top of the world.

As time goes on, you keep modding your car to regain that feeling and to bring excitement back to your life. Its like our fix. Each time gets you a high but not as much as the last. Each time also burns a bigger hole in your pocket as you lose all spending consciousness. What used to seem like a lot now seems like a bargain. You can point out more things that you don’t like about the car than when it was stock. Everything must be changed. Some of your friends in the game begin to hate hard at the rapid progress you have made and it hurts because you always showed them love.

Newbies are coming up just as quick as you did. Their cars get compared to yours now since your on top of your respective food chain. In your mind your’s is nicer and more complete so you get on the defensive because the spotlight isn’t on the whip as much as before. Sucks but you are old news brah. You are only as relevant as your last modification, feature or what ever. Hater tendencies form within you. Some of your new mods are now not done out of love for the scene but rather as a way to crush a hater whom there is a silent competition with. One that you both may have been thrown into by all the people in your ears comparing the two of you.

“I’m leaving on top” you say. So you sell the car as the excitement isn’t there anymore. Time the detox and drive a stock car. The problem is going back to an average Joe life isn’t going to cut it. Every single nice car on the road brings you flash backs. You were that dude. You used to leave people in neck braces and now you can’t even get cops to look at you if you were doing 30 over the limit. There is no rehab for car guys. We either get back into the game or start a family. If you are lucky, its both.

Remember what got you into the scene in the first place and have fun building a “nice car.”


*Credit: Agim Jones*


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