Chickz, Kickz & Whipz Meet – Lancaster, PA 3.9.2013

Elite Performance and Xclusiv: Alliance represented well!
Elite Performance, Xclusiv: Alliance and CCEVO represented well!

So this past weekend, some members of Elite Performance and CCEvo made the two hour drive up to Lancaster, Pa to participate in the Chickz, Kickz and Whipz Meet. I was able to ride along with my buddy Srun (who I did a feature on here!) and we made pretty good time. We stopped along in Baltimore to pick up a couple of other guys and continued on our way. IF you have never been to Lancaster, be careful of the off ramp traffic!! I’ll just say it was a very close call to get some of these rolling shots!

On the way!!
On the way!!

Once we arrived at the park where the meet was being held at, I could see that this was going to be a pretty good meet. The meet started at around 11am and we showed up around noon, but it seemed that the park was nearly full already! Walking around the park there seemed to be a good variety of cars. Overall, this was a pretty good meet that I wouldn’t mind coming up for again Shout out to a couple of the organizers, Truong Bui and Fabian Purini of Fabination Photography!

Beautiful classic.
Beautiful classic.
Recording a Harlem Shake video!!
Recording a Harlem Shake video!!













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