Japanese Car pRon From New Year Meet 2013…

So much awesome in this post!! Shout out to stickydiljoe.com!!!!

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Now I know we just completed our 12-part Japan Trip coverage but these photos were just way too good to pass up. A couple of weeks ago, the Japanese Classic Car Association (JCCA) had their annual New Year Meet, featuring some of Japan’s finest classic vehicles. This is completely non-Honda related but as many of you know, I am a huge Japanese car aficionado so I love to follow every form of modified import, no matter what make it is. One of my favorites are Japanese classic cars and that is why you’re seeing photos of them here today. I just love the nostalgic feel and the unique look that Japanese classics have. I also love the way the older generation of enthusiasts modded them and I’m happy that they are still very relevant in our modern day car culture. I think that it is important to pay homage to…

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