Mark Aquino’s BCUZEVO featured on StanceLyfe!! Check it out!!


We know what you’re thinking.  “Another Evo? Why another Evo?”  Well folks, that question has a simple answer…”BcuzEVO.”  This is no normal Evo.  This one is brought to you in part by Mark Aquino, 23 years old out of Maryland, and a part of the Xclusiv Alliance club.  This car not only looks like a beast, but it sounds like one as well.  Aggressive but clean, low and mean—that’s one way to describe it, but it’s safe to say that’s an understatement.

When we spoke to Mark he told us that he has always had a love for Mitsubishis ever since he owned an 89 Lancer during his college years.  When the time came to purchase his second car, he was looking at the 08 Eclipse, but hated how slow and unresponsive it was.  Fast forward to December 31st, 2010– Mark drove off the lot with a brand new 2010…

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