Swimming Pools – Kendrick Lamar ft Lloyd

For those of you that value the Art of Hip-Hop, check out this song and let me know what you think. I enjoy the original with Lloyd, but Lloyd is actually able to add his twist to it as well. The result, a hypnotizing track that hits you a few levels.

RapGenius had said this about K.Dots latest…

To those who might argue that Kendrick often stated that he doesn’t drink or smoke, just note that good kid, m.A.A.d city is him reminicing about his previous “Compton” life. So he probably doesn’t smoke/drink anymore but he probably used to. Also, some casual drinkers or weed smokers often refer themselves as non-smokers or “people that don’t drink”.

If you listen to the lyrics of this song, you’ll realize its more than just a party song…it gets deep.
If you would like to see what RapGenius thinks about this song, check out the lyrics and meanings here..http://rapgenius.com/Kendrick-lamar-swimming-pools-drank-lyrics


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