Import FaceOff @ Captial Raceway 3.17.2013


I know i’m really late with this but for the first month of car shows/events happening, its been really busy! Every weekend in March was spent at a car event or with car people. I’m not complaining, because I love it but it did make me fall behind a bit. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this post anyways. March 17th (week of my bday, yay!) a few of us headed to Crofton, Md to Capital Raceway. It was my first time there and not a bad cruise. About 45 min from Alexandria/Springfield. For the weather being shitty (cold as sh*T!!) there was a pretty good turnout! I was only able to snap a few pictures because of the weather. The rest of the time was spent in the car, keeping warm. Sorry if its not enough, but so far the season is off to a good start. So I know there will definitely be more to come. Enjoy!





Boss Status
Boss Status


Take me to the Darkside...
Take me to the Darkside…
I want a ruckus for no good reason.
I want a ruckus for no good reason.
Fellow TSX sick.
Fellow TSX owner…so sick.


So sleezy...
So sleezy…
dat a$$...
dat a$$…





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