Elvis Comes to Town

shared via timscribbles.com


Words by Tim Wong

Tonight, I went out to meet Elvis Skender, the owner and founder of StanceNation. He posted on Facebook about hanging out of the Anaheim doughnut shop, M&M and small gathering of people showed up. I talked with him and a couple of locals like Randy Goco and Jordan Adkins who were also there for a bit. It was just a pretty laid back gathering. Mikey from Photo M.D and I rolled out together to check out a couple of cars while we were there.


I wasn’t really in the mood to shoot considering the poor lighting and positioning of cars, but I took a couple snaps since I was already out there. I had a tripod on me, but after a while, I just couldn’t be bothered with setting up with the consistent traffic coming through.






There wasn’t a shortage of VIP style cars present amongst…

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