Rotiform…The Other Wheel Company

A little article on Rotiform….

Cultured Shock

Rotiform...The Other Wheel Company

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Rotiform. Then again maybe you have. Since they started becoming popular a few years ago, you’ve perhaps seen their wheels featured on cars from all over. If you follow car culture at all, there’s a chance you’ve seen at least one car with Rotiform wheels.

They are a smaller company, located in Southern California (of course) and churn out some of the most beautiful and interesting wheels I’ve ever seen. Sure, ADV1 and HRE make amazing wheels too…and I generally love a good wheel no matter who makes it. But Rotiform seems to be continuously one of the most innovative wheel companies around. You simply won’t see designs like this anywhere else. You must head over to their site to look at some of their designs. You won’t want to leave.

Here’s just a few examples of what they’re capable of:

Rotiform 2Rotiform 3Rotiform 4Rotiform 5Rotiform 6Rotiform 7Rotiform 8

For more…unreal…almost dangerously…

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