Ferarri 458 by HG Motorsport

Very Niiicee…

The Tuning Life

With all of the colors available for the 458, HG Motorspor have seen very few in Grigio Silverstone. They had the opportunity to upgrade this beautiful 458 Italia in many different categories including performance, handling, and exterior aesthetics.
Below is a list of the modifications that will be performed on the car:

Paint Protection:
-Complete Car Clear Bra
-Protective Windshield Film

-Vinyl wrapped roof & side skirts in Gloss Black
-Novitec Smoked LED Taillights
-Novitec Smoked LED 3rd Brake Light
-Novitec Smoked Fog Lights
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Tail Light Covers
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Fog Light Surround
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Splitter aka “Wings”
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Fog Light Covers
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Engine Louvers
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Engine Compartment Panels
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Water Reservoir
-Novitec Carbon Fiber Air Box Cover

Wheels & Tires:
-HRE S107 20″ Wheels

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