Tuner Evolution Coverage 8/3/2013 Part 1

Tuner Evolution has been around for about 7 years and this was the 2nd time that I was lucky enough to attend. I say lucky because when you go to big car show over and over, you sometimes see the same thing over and over. The team behind Tuner Evolution take the feedback each year and strive to make it a better show than the last! The last time I attended Tuner Evolution was 2 years ago in York, and it has definitely changed since then! If you had never been to a Tuner Evo show, this would have been a great one to attend…cars, girls, music, live entertainment, b-boys, bikini models…all under one place!

Myself and a few of the guys from Elite Performance met up at around 330am to meet up with a few other guys to roll up to Tuner Evolution. Part of the fun is having a caravan to these shows that are a couple hours away…to get those rolling shots and to just cruise up!

First up is Part 1 of the coverage for Tuner Evolution…stay tuned for more…I got a lot more!


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