Tuner Evolution and Los Goonies.com present The Panda Junction!!! 10.27.2013

After realizing how lazy I have been the month of November, and in this case lazy meaning busy with the normal 9-5, I remembered I have not posted any of my Panda Junction coverage. It’s almost a month later and everyone I know has already posted all their footage, pics, comments, opinions, etc. Well, a friend once told me that if you are not first, you’re last. Sometimes being last isn’t such a bad thing. If I wasn’t last, everyone would have seen my coverage and it would’ve got swallowed up with the rest of the coverage and never to be remembered again! But as this was the ‘last’ great show of the year, it is only fitting that I make it a late post. This way, we can go back to that event last month, where we were having one of the best fall days in Virginia, at an awesome event and relive that drive to Ripken Stadium…the sun and the chill of the autumn wind…and the great cars that were there.

Enjoy the bit of coverage that I was able to get and I can’t wait to see where 2014 will take us!!!

Big thanks to the organizers of Tuner Evolution and Los Goonies.com to put this event together and allow us all to enjoy this car culture that we love much!


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