Elite Performance 3rd Annual Toys 4 Tots Meet

For the past three years, my car club, Elite Performance have hosted a Toys 4 Tots meet and each year, we have been able to do better. I remember our first year we had it on a rainy Monday night at what used to be the Hard Times Meet. But even though it was rainy…and a bit cold we managed to collect a full box of toys and a good amount of money to go with it.

Our second year, was at a much better location (thank you Hayfield High School!) and a much better turnout and much better weather! It was a little cloudy, but atleast there was no rain this time! I was happy just for that! Nothing worse than being cold and wet at a car meet.

This year, we definitely stepped our game up! This year, the weather was on our side, a great location again (Hayfield H.S.) and an even greater turnout than before! We had the Urban Bumpkin BBQ food truck providing some great grub and a DJ entertaining the mass of people that were coming out and providing toys for all the less fortunate kids this year. We were able to fill up 5 and half full size boxes of toys and also raised an extra $250 from raffles that we then used to buy more toys at Toys R Us! It was definitely a great time and a great turnout for a great cause! I hope that next year will be even better and i’m glad that we had this kind of ending to our car season. For now Elite Performance will be in hibernation status but we’ll be back next year!!!!

Big thanks to all of our sponsors and contributors and everyone that attended!!! Thank you!

video provided by Juan Estevez for Arc Focus Media

Elite Performance Toys 4 Tots Meet


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