I fear the man……

While zoning off at work yesterday, my buddy had sent this picture to me. I read it over a few times to let it sink in and it reminded me of the last time that I had a few drinks with my friends. Haha, there is always that one that either doesn’t drink…or doesn’t drink as much and remembers everything that was said the night before. there are times that we wish we didn’t remember and there are times that we wish we did. I think the only time this can be hilarious is when no one remembers much of anything except having a good time. Kind of like the 1st Hangover movie. Then there are the times that we do remember that we wish we hadn’t….like the 2nd Hangover movie.

After looking up this quote on google search it said that Ben Franklin said it…and that it was a greek proverb. Does anyone have any definite info on where it came from??

Either way….this glass speaks the truth!



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