BBQ n Beers…12.7.2013

So this is a pretty late post….almost 3 months later, but theres been a lot of stuff going on (moving around at work, studying, yuck!) so i’m finally able to catch up with the things that I like doing!

So from what I can remember, one of my good buddies Joe had been trying out his grilling skills and wanted to invite me and my other friend Bryan over to try out his creations. So what better way to celebrate then with some great food and great beer! My friend Joe had already got the grill going and the chickens seasoned, so he made sure the temperature was right and we headed over to the brewery of choice for the day. We drove over to Mad Fox and sampled a few beers and picked out what we wanted to fill our growlers with. After a few samples of each…and seeing how we hadn’t had anything to eat….and the buzz starting to kick in, we went with the Brandy Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy and the Orange Whip IPA. Two very different tastes of beer but oh so good!

The Wee Heavy is a dark ale that has the beginning aroma and taste of brandy but goes down as a strong and tasty ale. My favorite of the two. The Orange Whip was also delicious; citrusy, hoppy and flavorful…for us, both perfect choices for the feast that we had of peruvian seasoned chicken and jerk chicken. Perfect combination of chicken n beer! Honestly, I cannot wait to hopefully do this again when the weather is better so we can really get down and my hands aren’t freezing from taking pictures! Till next time…


Brandy Barrel-Aged Wee Heavy (8.6% ABV)
Our strong Scotch ale aged in Brandy barrels for 5 months. The barrel aging imparts notes of vanilla, pear, caramel, and soft chocolate onto the toffee, plums, and currants of the ale’s strong body.

Orange Whip IPA (7.5% ABV)
This brew is dry hopped with Citra hops from our friends in Yakima at Hop Union. Kettle additions of Citra hops bring this brew in at a whopping 75 IBU’s and the hops flavors are much more pronounced with citrusy hints of pineapple, orange etc. This version is also loaded with malt flavors with plenty of crystal malt, medium to full bodied and deep copper colored.


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