Great Falls, MD – When it wasn’t so cold and snowy!

So for some time, my good friend Fatima had been wanting me to go hiking with her. I was always down for it, i’m not necessarily an outdoor person, I don’t like camping but I consider myself an athletic person and I won’t shy away from a challenge. And hiking is something that I don’t think I do enough. So after a few invitations (that were only declined because they were VERY last minute, haha) I was finally able to head out with her. She invited me to the Maryland side of Great Falls. Most people I know go to the VA side and I had been on that side already, so this was going to be a bit new for me.

We arrived and we proceeded to begin The Billy Goat Trail. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures…a lot more pictures, but since it was an unseasonable nice day, there were a lot of people on the trail ahead and behind us. So stopping and getting out of the way on rocks and handling a camera was a bit hard to do. But it was a great time and we did it in about 2 hours or less. If you haven’t been and you are interested, I encourage you to check it out!

Thanks to Fatima for inviting me and for setting up AND taking some of these shots!

Check her out on Instagram! @favfati



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