So You Purchased a Humidor….

So as you may or may not know…I am a big craft beer person (as you can see from my Instagram), and as you get deeper and deeper into the craft beer world, i’ve realized that cigars can also be a big part of this world. So, if you are going to get a bit serious on smoking and “collecting” cigars the first thing you need is a humidor. A humidor is a box (they come in all sizes) that keeps your cigars at a certain temperature so that they don’t dry out and lose the flavor. I had a previous humidor but I didn’t take any pictures of it before it broke during a move. Sad day. But I was fortunate enough to receive a new one for my birthday, from a great person I might add! 😉

In receiving this new humidor, it made me want to post up on what I was using for my cigars and how I seasoned the humidor. I looked online and found a very helpful video posted from Cigars International. If you google ‘How to Season a Humidor’ you will definitely find a lot of information and some conflicting. I used the one that best suited my needs. I pretty much followed the instructions in the video, except that I seasoned it for an extra day, just because I wanted to be precautious and sure. I also added a digital hygrometer/thermometer to keep better track of the temperature inside. The humidor came with a cheaper one and it had no way of telling you what the temperature was inside the humidor. I like to protect my investments as much as I can. 🙂

As always I have pictures to show what i’m working with! I’ll have new pictures if I get anything interesting and updated pictures. Hope this helps a few people out there!

How to Season a Humidor video is here:
How To Season a Humidor


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