You Gotta Own It If You Want It…..

I know a lot of people don’t like Drake, but there are times when he says a lot of the things that most of us think but don’t say.  Lots of people will call his ass corny and soft but hes OK.  I like his stuff and he always seems to add a different twist to how we view things.  This song here is back from 2010 and most people only know it from Rick Ross’ “Aston Martin Music”.  It’s a sick verse and open to interpretation about what hes talking about.  I view the chorus and some of the bars in between that hes telling someone that although he didn’t want to leave, he had to do what was best for him at that point.  People sometimes don’t like change and change can be pretty scary.  But he was just saying how even though he left, he was going to come right back.  Sometimes timing isn’t right….even though it feels right.  But we just have to trust that what we are doing for ourselves is the best.




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