MR2 Monday!

So last week, a lot of us were enjoying the “Last Day of Summer”, the Labor Day holiday.  I was out and about running errands with family and in the middle of all that, my good friend Mike hits me up and asked if I was interested in doing a shoot of MR2’s that day.  Of course i said “Hell yea” and asked for the details.  He said he would let me know later on in the day, so I went along with my day, checking the group that Mike had created to set it up, to stay in the loop.

After a bit of discussion, I finally met up with Mike, Neil and Johne out around the Herndon area, where Neil was having some car trouble.  We talked a bit if we wanted to still do this, and I know I didn’t drive out there for nothing, haha…so we decided on a spot and went on our way.  The sun was setting, so I wanted to get the best shots possible.  It did end up getting a bit dark so I did have to get a bit creative, but it was fun and enjoyable until security decided to kick us out.  Top Flight Security is always on top of things!


Hope you all enjoy the pics!



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