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As a “photographer” or as I like to call myself, “Someone that likes to take pictures” you come across so many ideas and thoughts that you want to re-create and add your own twist to.  I had seen this drawing done by Avid some years ago and loved it from the start.  I for one am a HUGE Transformers fan!  I had this printed out and kept it at my work desk for years.  Fast forward some time and a company by Loyal Subjects started making Transformers figures that to me, are awesome as fuq.  So of course, I had to start collecting them.


I was lucky (unlucky) enough to acquire duplicates of some of the figures and discussing this hobby (habit) of collecting toys, I mentioned it to a co-worker who also collected them.  We were able to make some trades and behold, I had found Optimus Prime and Megatron.  The next day when I was at my desk, I glance over at the picture and it just clicked.  I should just recreate this with the toys I just got.  I went home and eagerly staged it up and here we are!  Not the same backgrounds….just it was just as fun to shoot as i’m sure it was for Avid to draw.


Shout out to The Loyal Subjects for re-posting my picture on Instagram!





Check out more of Avid’s artwork on the below link!


Avid’s Art:





My Version!



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