Springfield Forever: A Timeline of “The Simpsons'” Highs and Lows Via Complex


December 17th 1989. I was 8 years old, and I barely remember putting up the Christmas tree with my dad and my niece, while my mom was in the kitchen cooking up a meal. Little did I know that this day would shape my comedy views and character forever. This was the day that The Simpsons premiered on TV. I laughed just like anyone else did at this cartoon that broke barriers I didn’t even know existed.

Here I am at the age of 33…still watching The Simpsons. I grew up watching The Simpsons. Most of the jokes and references I make come from this show! My friends understand it because they grew up watching it as well…some of them watched it more than others. But there is no one from that generation or even this generation, that hasn’t seen an episode and has some sort of fond memory of this show. A lot of people say the show fell off after Season 9, but who cares! To quote a close amigo of mine “Man, its all good!”. And I agree. For anyone that knows me, I say this; If you know me and know me well…when I die, watch The Simpsons to remember me. Hahaha…that sounds dramatic after I wrote that out.

In any sense…enjoy the list that Complex Magazine put together below! One of the best I have read so far today! Anyone else know any good ones?? Post them if you do!



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