The Elem3ntal Debut

So I sat here trying to describe what myself and my friend Alissia were trying to achieve when we decided to go out and shoot these pictures. But all I did was watch “The Interview” on Netflix. I had heard bad things about the movie, how it didn’t live up to the hype. it was ok. It had its moments. So an hour and 59 minutes later and a couple of stouts in….I still can’t really come up with anything. But one thing was for sure, that we just wanted to go out and just create something new. Try something new. Experiment. Thats what its all about. I’m sure they thought the same when making this movie. I’m not trying to be philosophical…or maybe the stouts are talking. Either way, its nice to go out and create something new. and if people like it….its a bonus.
the ones below are my own pictures, but Alissia has her own Flickr as well.

She takes awesome photos! Make sure to let her know that! 🙂



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