“I’m Holding On Desperately….” – J.Cole – Runaway

There are those times that we go thru some sort of hardship, whether its a family issue, problems at work or the ever popular relationship dilemma.  Sometimes when we come upon one of these situations, we look to different things to help cope or understand what is going on at that moment.  A lot of times when it comes to relationships we turn towards music.  Music is a way that the artist themselves used as an escape to get those feelings and emotions out and we, listen.  Because we can relate.  “This person knows exactly what i’m going thru.  They think the same way I do”.  We in turn use it as an escape and even gain some knowledge or some “motivation” to use towards whats going on within our lives.  Music is a universal language that we can all find a way to relate to.

Without saying too much, I was going thru one of these moments and I had sent this song to that person.  I couldn’t relate to everything that the song said, but there were some parts that made a lot of sense, especially the opening line…

“Yeah, give me my space
Lord ain’t enough time to chase
All these dreams, I mean I got no time to wait
Love my girl but I told her straight up “don’t wait up”….

I’m sure we (men) have all said this at one point in time to someone. We never realize what we have in front of us at that moment. But at what point do we start realizing what we’re doing and start make the right decision? Doubt is one of those demons that haunts us all, whether its about relationships, life choices, what to wear or adding jalapenos to a sandwich. But its there and we just have to remember that if its right in our hearts, then you are not making the wrong choice. You just have to believe in your own words.

Enjoy the track!



One thought on ““I’m Holding On Desperately….” – J.Cole – Runaway

  1. I enjoyed the read Tweaked City! I can relate to your post and I really like this song… I think I may have even blogged ab it when I was going thru my own personal relationship dilemma, as well. I really wanted to hold on, so I did. I’ll hold on until I deem it no longer worth it, I suppose. But, you are so right ab music, music is life! Hopefully you’ll figure your things out. Keep up the good work!

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