#StreetMeetDC April

A lot of photographers start out shooting different things…and sometimes they shoot ANYTHING!  Things in their backyard, things in their homes, family members anything to practice.  This is good because it helps build your style and eventually in time, you find out what you like to take pictures of.

For the longest time, I think I have always enjoyed street photography.  I know that a lot of my pictures have to do with cars and believe it or not, street photography is one of those subjects that I come back to.  It’s what I started in.  There were times I would go to DC with a point and shoot and just photograph anything.  I honestly enjoyed looking at life around me and capturing a moment.


I found a group thru Instagram called StreetMeetDC.  A friend of mine had tagged me in a post that they were going to have a photographers meet up.  Now this was back in March and I know my post is titled April.  The first meet was in March during a snow storm.  Now 1, a lowered car in about 2+ feet of snow isn’t too practical.  2nd, I had no other alternative on getting there.  But after seeing the pictures from that meet and missing it…I told myself I wouldn’t miss any future ones.  So that brings us to April.  This was when I met the group for the first time, and I have to say it was refreshing being around so many creative and like minded people in the sense that they all enjoyed street photography.

I won’t ramble on but i’ll just say this, I really enjoyed shooting with these people and so far, I have not missed a meet!  They are a great group!  I’ll be posting about the other months soon to catch up so stay tuned!


Follow StreetMeetDC on IG: @streetmeetdc



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