#StreetMeetDC June

AHHH!!  I’ve finally caught up on these!

This months meet took us to Georgetown and although we got rained out for a bit (it felt like an hour, haha) we stuck it out and we were able to get out there and do our thing.

Here’s hoping you have been enjoying the pictures posted so far.  So this is now my 3rd meet that I have attended with this group, and its amazing to see how bigger the group has become.  We have begun a community….a movement.  The organizers of this meet are Pierre and Aaron, also known as @Pierrefunes and @thirdblackkey on Instagram.  These guys believe in putting DC on the map with street photography.  NY has their fair share, LA is definitely known for it, Chicago….just to name a few.  They started this with the dream of getting DC noticed and to let the country and even the world know that there is a community here and we can bring fire!  The group as a whole is inspirational and maybe thats why each time it feels that we get better…we collaborate.  We feed off each other.  We network.

I’m just glad I’m able to be a part of it!


Enjoy the pics!


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