I found a Clet Abraham!




So in May, a couple of friends and I ventured off to explore Dublin and London. This was my 2nd time traveling to Europe and as I write this, I realize I never posted my pictures from that trip. *noted* Anyways, Europe to me is so vast and interesting and just….different.

While out roaming around one night, I noticed a street sign with a little figure on it and simply thought it as just “pretty cool”.  I pointed it out to my friends who were trying to find a bar (we were kind of thirsty :)).  I remember thinking that I wanted to look up what it meant when I got back home.

About a month ago when I finally started going through my pictures and editing them, I came across this picture again and remembered (finally) to look it up.  I was pleasantly surprised when i did!

Clet Abraham, as I found out is a very famous french graffiti/street artist.  I put him in the same category as ‘Banksy’ and for those that don’t know who Banksy is, i’m pretty sure you have seen some of his work somewhere, either actual or imitated (look him up!).  Below is his instagram account, check it out and let me know what you think!




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