RAW Natural Born Artists presents ‘BOLD’ Ft TTIN Photography



So a couple of weeks ago, I attended my very first RAWArtists Show, and man…what an experience!

I had participated at a few other art shows but this one was definitely different!  I definitely felt that I had to bring my A game for this one, and worked tirelessly picking out my best shots that I have taken this year.  The art show had a host, local DJs, local bands, other photographers, visual artists, makeup artists, models, fashion designers….it goes on and on!

The staff from RAWArtists were also helpful in checking in with myself and the other artists weekly leading up to the event to make sure if we needed anything or if we were running into any kind of trouble.  the night of the show went well and I was glad that my friends came out and supported me (I appreciate them to THE FUQQIN FULLEST!)


The show was definitely an experience, the host was great, the music was on point…a room full of talented artists and I got a chance to meet people and talk to them about my photography and got to hear feedback, which to me is very humbling!  To hear people ask questions and admire my photography and as a bonus….purchase my photography, it definitely makes me feel grateful and encourages me to do even more!


Below are some of the pieces I had on display that were purchased…

Again, I want to thank the staff at RAWDC and all my supporters, being my friends and family  🙂









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