“Is This Going To Be One of your Artsy Fartsy Pics?!”

I always enjoy getting reactions from my friends and those closest to me about the pictures that I take.  They ask “Where was this?” or “How did you take that?” or just get a good laugh or even tell me that it absolutely sucks.  That’s good!  Good and bad criticism are always a good thing.  But this post isn’t about that.  It’s about a good friend of mine named Tony, who was casually driving home the other day from work (two days ago actually) and was in a pretty bad car accident.  Fear not, for my friend was lucky enough to walk away with just a few bumps and bruises. Thank goodness!!!  Some of these things cannot be explained and I for one will not try.  Not my place to do it.  But it reminded me that you never know what will happen to those around you, or to you.  You could be driving, 5 minutes away from your house and suddenly someone might cut you off.  I hope that the worse never happens.  To anybody.

So why this particular picture?  I remember Tony and I were at Import Expo DC and we went down a few blocks to Five Guys. As we were leaving, I looked down and stood in the middle of  the street and made this picture.  I remember him asking me, “Is this going to be one of your Artsy Fartsy pictures?!”  I laughed at “Artsy Fartsy” and said “Yea….it might be!”  Artsy Fartsy, good, bad, sucks, so what, who cares.  All I know is because of Tony being around me and the good times we had that day, for some reason this picture will remind me of him.  Haha…I hope its artsy fartsy enough for ya homie!





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