Ulterior Automotive S2000 (Pictures by Mike from Stand Tall|Ride Low)

With this post, I would like to welcome and thank Mike Watson from Stand Tall|Ride Low for contributing these and future media on TweakedCity.com!   Mike is a good friend of mine, a fellow team/family member from Elite Performance and as of recent, has discovered the vast world of photography.  I think he has a great eye for detail and enjoy seeing the enthusiasm in his pictures.  As for all of us with cameras, the more you shoot, the better you get!  Keep it up!


This first post is just a peek into the S2000 that Chris from Ulterior Automotive is working on.  From just these few pictures you can see that its going to be pretty awesome!  Chris has done magnificent work for numerous enthusiasts including (Elite Performance and Xclusiv Alliance) in the NoVA/DMV area, some that i’m sure you have seen around (myself and Mike included!).  If you have any kind of idea for body work, Ulterior Automotive is the way to go!

Check out their page below!



Give Mike a follow as well!

Mikes Instagram Page:




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