Just Some Fun on a Nice Autumn Day…

Earlier in the day, myself and a couple of friends of mine, Srun and Ben attended the Nu Conceptz Fall Meet at V5 Centreville. As always, it was a great turnout with good times with great people. At the end of the show, Srun was approached by a friend of Mr. “DMV Snapshot” to do a little shoot. Shoots are always fun. You get up and close with a subject, without the distractions of people or other cars around you. And you can take your time with your creativity. Love It. I’m all for it. Even better, when you are shooting with other photogs, you catch a different view. And they catch a different view. The subject is the same, but the image is different. Anyways, this is my point of of view of Srun and Johns Evos’ 9 and 10, respectively.


Check out Jirayuth’s page at https://www.facebook.com/Jirayuth.Kphotography for his POV!!

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