Rennso’s Pursuit of Happyness

So for the longest time that I have known him, Rennso has always loved Supras. And who doesn’t? Everyone from my young days of tuning looked to the Supra as a supercar, a coveted vehicle. If you had a Supra, you were the man. If you still have a Supra, you’re the man. That hasn’t changed.

I met Rennso back in high school and we both drove different cars back then. I had a little Ford Tempo that my friends and I experimented paint and tint on (thats where I learned to never do it myself) and he had a Toyota Celica. He always said that he was going to get a Supra and sure enough he did. Although the one pictured here wasn’t it. He had a different one that he nicknamed ‘Vanquish’. it was a beautiful kind of bronze/brown color, simple aesthetics. He took care of that car like a father looking after his child.

For years, I had asked to shoot it but time was never in our favor with busy lifestyles. But then the time came to sell…and we all asked him “Why?!” and “Don’t do it! You’ll regret it!”. But Rennso knew what he was doing it, and to my surprise, he posted a picture on his FB wall of this beauty. We immediately set up the shoot before a cousins, daughters, uncles, best friend got married, graduated, gave birth, ate a sandwich or whatever else the hell takes up our time. 🙂 I didn’t think he could do better than the Supra he had before, but he definitely pulled it off with this one. You may not see this car out too often, as those aren’t all season tires especially with the weather changing…but if you do catch him, admire it. Marvel at it. And embrace the Happyness that it gives.


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