Josh’s Mazda 3 11.17.2013

Josh was one of the many people that i’ve met this year locally while going to car meets/shows and through mutual friends. I remember when I first saw the car (which was also, the first time I met Josh) and I remember thinking that it could look pretty clean if done right. Nowadays there seem to be people that really like that low and slow look and others that still go for performance. Josh is a guy that goes for performance with a clean style. Although its only a few pictures, i’m honored that I was the first one to get these pictures of his Mazda 3 and with the way its going, it won’t be the last you see of it!


Mod list:
Cobb rear motor mount
Cobb front mount inner cooler
Cobb 3 port ebcs
Cpe hpfp
Corksport lowering springs
Corksport battery box
Redline gas springs
Corksport lowering springs
Corksport cat back exhaust
Cobb downpipe
Corksport rear lower reflector lights
Cobb access port
Custom interior led lights
Enonon custom 8″lcd radio
8k led headlights, and 5k yellow fogs
18″ bbs rims and firelli tires
front and rear bumper lips

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