Srun and Manny’s Mini Shoot

I met up with Srun and Manny pretty early in the morning, a Sunday morning at around 8am. Srun had just got off a 12 hour shift. I had gone to bed at around 4am (don’t ask what I was doing because here we are almost a month later and heck if I remember!). Manny was just late. But after I got myself dressed with 3 layers because I swear it was one of the coldest days that morning, I was ready to meet up. This whole shoot took about 20 minutes. I don’t remember the exact temperature but it was definitely between 20-30 degrees and to make it even better it was windy. And not light wind either. I had promised these guys a little shoot since they’ve added more mods since the last time I did features on them. (Links below) And so before the year is up, here is a sneak peak on what they currently look like before the next season starts…which i’m sure will have some nice new surprises for them!

Pictures were taken on 11.24.13

Sruns 1st Tweaked City Feature!

Mannys 1st Tweaked City Feature!

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