Mikes MR2 – One mans junk is another mans treasure…

Do you ever wonder what happens to the previous project car you had? I always think about what happened to the 96 Acura Integra (who I named ‘Sofia’) that I owned for almost 13 years. I remember buying her in 2000/2001 (The Fast and Furious days!) and imagined everything I was going to do to it. And thru all the changes, the good times and bad after about 135k miles, I had to say goodbye to it about 4 years ago and I still miss her. I was the 2nd owner at the time. Sold it to a co-worker who just wanted a nice looking daily. I heard that he had sold it a year later to some kid in Woodbridge. I wonder what changes Sofia has gone thru now. Or if she is even in the area. You never get over that first love. Mike, the owner of this 1988 has his own story.

Technically speaking, Mike is the 2nd owner of this MR2. The story goes that the original owner ordered the car new in 1987. In 2009 the OG owner had grown weary of the sports car life and traded it back into the dealer for a Camry. Mike purchased the car with about 109k daily driven miles and continues to daily drive it. What else are cars for!!! I met Mike about a year ago and it was definitely a work in progress when I first laid eyes on it. But I saw the potential in it and the passion that he had to make this little MR2 his own. It’s been thru a few changes since last year, and each change just seems to make this car better and better. I cannot wait to see what Mike has in store in 2014 for this little ride. I’m sure the previous owner is missing this car right now…..

Vehicle: 1988 Toyota MR2 Current Modifications: Function and Form Type 2 Coilovers Function and Form Lug Nuts (Red) Function and Form Adjustable End Links Whiteline Sway Bars Prothane Polyurethane Bushings Eibach Camber Bolts JunO/RSe Short Shift Kit TwosRUs Shift Lever Drop Plate TwosRUs Brass Shift Cable Bushings 94+ Toyota MR2 OEM Shift Lever B&T Motorsports Custom 2.5” Dual Exhaust Autokonexion NA Miata Rear Fender Flares Custom Clear Turn Signals with Hidden Police Strobes LED Brake and Signal Bulbs Saleen SC Style Chrome Replica Wheels – Custom Redrilled and Reseated Rear – 17×10 +25mm Offset with 20mm Spacer Front – 17×9 +25mm Offset Kumho Ecsta AST Tires Rear – 215/45R17 Front – 205/40R17 Future Modifications: Cusco Front and Rear Strut Bars Custom Front and Side Splitters Custom Rear Diffuser Custom Rear Fender Flares Custom Widened Front Fenders Custom Paint (Lamborghini Balloon White) 94+ Toyota MR2 3S-GTE Motor and Transmission Swap Accolades: 1st Place Toyota – OC Car Show 2013 – Ocean City, MD

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