Sruns Widebody Evo


Evos. Seems like atleast one person you know nowadays, owns one. Atleast with the group of guys I hang around, I know atleast a billion. Ok, more like 10 but it seems like a billion. But in a group of car owners, there is one that currently stands out to me right now. And thats because you don’t see too many with this body type.


I remember when I first met the owner, Srun, near the end of last summer. I had met him through another Evo owner. My buddy asked Srun “What are you trying to do next?”. Srun laughed and said “Go Wide”. We all laughed, but we didn’t realize how serious he was at making his car wider. As you can see in the pictures, he succeeded. As far as I know, he’s the only Evo owner with a Voltex Widebody Kit in the area. I could be wrong. But its definitely unique to see. Most Evo owners build their cars for speed and some are even going for stance. Srun finds a nice balance in the middle of simply doing what looks good. This Evo is definitely legit!












2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX SE


Sparco Milano 2 Seats

Password JDM shift Knob

Procomp Autometer Boost Gauge
Aem wide band
STRI oil pressure gauge.


JDP Engineering Carbon fiber Front Lip

Rexpeed carbon fiber bumper duct

Rexpeed carbon fiber rear lip extension

Carbon fiber mirror cover

Carbon fiber vortex generator

Seibon Carbon fiber hood

Carbon fiber side skirt cover

Perrin antenna

Carbon Exhaust Shield

Voltex widebody kit.


Rexpeed Torque Damper

Zaklee Clear Cam Gear Cover

Greddy Timing Belt

Mishimoto radiator, hose kit, and Radiator shoroud kit.

Muse Motorsports Intercooler Piping kit

3” ETS Intercooler

JM Fabrication 3” Aluminum Intake pipe

HKS Intake

HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve

Cusco Oil Catch Can

Ported Exhaust Manifold

NGK 1 Step Colder spark plug

Invidia 3” Down Pipe

HKS sports exhaust system

Dyno Tuned open source by JMR
speed density conversion

Carbon fiber Radiator Cooling Pannel

Torque Solution radiator stay

Tomei Exhaust Manifold heat shield.

Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump

Carbon fiber Spark Plug Cover

ACT Extreme pressure w/ solid street clutch

ACT prolite flywheel


Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller

Greddy Turbo Timer


Apexi N1 Coilover

GT Spec front lower tie bar
cusco rear tower bar


MB Battle 18×9.5
+15 offset front
+0 offset rear

Falken Azenis all season 275-35-18

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