Portrait Session with @soamaezin

Portrait Session with Aja Mae!   After a few months of trying to get our schedules synced up, we were able to meet up for a bit after the Import Expo DC car show and have a bit of fun.  Can’t wait to meet up soon and do it again!  I appreciate her so much … More Portrait Session with @soamaezin


Every year, DC has an art show that has activities and artists displaying their work all over the city.  This event is called Art All Night and if you’ve never attended, you want to at least go once because i’m sure you’ll want to check it out again! I actually didn’t know much about it … More #ArtAllNightDC2016

Sruns Widebody Evo

Evos. Seems like atleast one person you know nowadays, owns one. Atleast with the group of guys I hang around, I know atleast a billion. Ok, more like 10 but it seems like a billion. But in a group of car owners, there is one that currently stands out to me right now. And thats … More Sruns Widebody Evo