Every year, DC has an art show that has activities and artists displaying their work all over the city.  This event is called Art All Night and if you’ve never attended, you want to at least go once because i’m sure you’ll want to check it out again!

I actually didn’t know much about it until last year when I was at the convention center shooting coverage for the  Import Expo Car Show.  I was taking breaks throughout the day and went outside to do some street photography to switch it up a bit and stumbled upon a setup at City Center.  There was a juggler and what looked like some people setting up for a trapeze act, and I saw the sign that said ‘Art All Night DC’.  “Damn, this looks cool”, I thought. I roamed around and found a few other stages that were being setup and even ran into a few friends that were checking it out.  But alas, I had to go back to the convention center, but I told myself I would check it out the following year.

This year, not only was I able to check it out but I was able to contribute as well.  Working with some other photographers from DCFocused.com, we coordinated who would go to what neighborhood at what times.  Unfortunately, I had to go after work so when I got to (Shaw) neighborhood, it was a bit late already.  There were still events and pop up displays going on, and music was still playing everywhere you went, combined with the natural  buzz of the bars and biergarten (which i’ll need to go back to) in the area, there was still plenty going on.  I was fortunate enough to able to capture some good moments,  The neighborhood had a lot of events through the day and being a part of the group, I realized how big the event really was.  Being able to contribute to the group and everyone coming together as a whole to put this together was pretty fun, and its great to see what others captured that night.  Check out the link below for a summary of the night!

Keep creating!!!!!

Art All Night x 7

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