One Leaves, One Returns….

Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends – Richard Bach

Theres an old saying that goes, “People in your life are seasons. They come and they go”. But out of all the people that you meet there are always a few that seems to always hang around and end up being a good friend. I met Srun (Sean) in 2012 at the Monday Night Car Meet they used to have at Hard Times. I remember my friends Steve and Juan admiring his car and wanting to ask him if he wanted to join our club. I had only said hi to him a few times, and for some reason, I didn’t think he wanted to join our club. But he did.

As time went on, Srun was always down to go to every meet or show possible or to shoot or to do whatever. Anything to rep the team. And during that time, I got to know him a little better. The one thing about shooting someones car is that, you get to know them in a personal way; you get to know them through their car, their build, their process, their inspiration. Some people just build because they want ‘Cool Scene Points”. Others build because they actually have the passion to do it. Srun is one of those passion builders. He is one of the few in my opinion, that’s found the balance of Form and Function. Srun is an all around genuine guy. Always willing to help his friends, family…anyone. Its only been 3 years since I met him and plenty of members have come and gone from our team, and I like to think that all of them are family. I hug them as if I were hugging anyone in my immediate family. A lot of car club use the term ‘family’, and I don’t doubt they are. I like to feel that mine is different. We check on each other. We all make the effort to go bowling. To go to dinner. We visit one another.  We respect each other.  We even hate each other sometimes haha.  Like family.
Today, he is leaving Virginia to begin a new life with his son and expecting wife in Germany. He will surely be missed by everyone in Elite Performance, CCEvo and other friends he has made along the way. I personally wish him the best of luck and anxiously await when I can head over to Germany and visit!  And even though he is leaving us temporarily, one of other members, Mike is returning from being deployed for 6 months.  These are the seasons of people that I don’t mind being around all the time.  Good Luck Srun!!!!  Welcome Back Mike!!!!

My very first post on my blog was Sruns Evo…check it out here!

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