We Don’t Build To Follow, We Build To Be Unique

Your car is an extension of who you are. People in the car community know this. That is why we mod our cars the way we do. Even if two or three or a group of people have the same car, it will be different in some sort of way. Then there are some just do it differently than others. Josh here, the owner of this beautiful Chrysler Crossfire is definitely doing it different.

I was fortunate enough to tagalong with my good friend Mike again and shoot a few pictures. In the middle of shooting a guy in a truck pulled next to him and praised him on how awesome and cool it looked. Another gentleman who was there fishing asked if he could take a few pictures himself, and pulled out his own DSLR. To see that happen, I think is a very unique thing. These guys probably don’t go to car meets or any hangouts or anything like that, but they appreciated the work that Josh had put into his car.

I’m not sure if these pictures do it justice, but cot dammit this car looks good! If you see Josh on the road, give him a thumbs up!!!

Joshs IG: @osshwa

Mikes IG: @mr2daily and @standtallridelow

2005 Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6

-KW Variant 2 coilovers

-18×8.5/19×10 3SDM 0.06’s

-Custom front/side splitters by Custom Functionz

-Needswings CAI w/ K&N Xstream filter upgrade

-Custom axle-back exhaust w/ Megan Racing M-RS muffler

-Eurocharged Performance ECU tune

-Eurocharged Performance TCU tune

-Johnson CM30 intercooler pump

-Needswings oil catch can (uninstalled)

-HID Extra 6K HID’s

-35% tint by Blockstar

-Suede headliner by Blockstar

-Broadway mirror

-Clarion FZ501 digital media receiver

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