Wicked White Evo Deux

So some months ago, I posted up pictures of this same white evo.  The owner is my good friend Steve.  I always give him sh*t about something.  Whether its some minor discussion about why ketchup is better than mustard,  why common sense isn’t so common, and why we shouldn’t eat ALL the oreos in the package.  (Guilty as charged!!).  But i’ve known him for a long time, and we can joke around like that.  It’s the dumb bond that we have formed in the hundred years that I know him.  He’ll always let me know what little changes he will do to his car, and i’ll offer feedback, or nod my head….or shake my head.  But what I admire is that no matter what, he always does what he wants with his car, regardless of anything.  I mean, thats why we mod cars…we mod it to our tastes and no one elses.  As much as I give Steve sh*t for lowering the car a millimeter here and there (exaggeration alert!), the mods are always tasteful and well thought out.  I don’t have a lot of pictures or rolling shots this time around, but we’ll wait a bit and see what other subtle change is there.

Stay Tuned!!!!

IG: ttinphotography




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