Red is a very emotional and intense color….(Johne’s MR2)

Some people spend a lifetime trying to build their dream car.  Some people never finish.  Johne here was pretty happy early on a few years back in California.  Now I didn’t know Johne during this time.  I had only met him last fall I believe, when a mutual friend of ours, Mike invited me to a little MR2 Meet/Shoot.  I think those pictures are around here somewhere….

Anyways, even though his car was on stock wheels, I thought it still looked nice. I asked him back then if i could shoot his car and he was up for it.  So from the fall until about a month ago, we played messenger tag.  As always life has a way of getting in the way of things and the shoots we setup had to be rescheduled due to family and such.  Hey, things happen and we can’t help it.  Not to mention there were a few weeks when the car got shipped over to Kentucky for some engine work.  *wink, wink*.  Then when it came back, he had to get the wheels on and do a bit of tweaking (ha, see what i did there?) to get them to fit and “rub” the right way.  I mean, you can’t roll around with crappy suspension, definitely not in the NoVa area.

So then the car came back and few more photo shoots we both couldn’t make.  At this point school was the diabolical fiend keeping us from meeting up.  And our work schedules were a bit wacky because of it.  Argh!  i honestly felt for a few weeks that this car was my unicorn, I was never going to shoot this car.  And then, it happened.

“Hey Derek, are you free today after 5pm?”


“Let’s meet up!”

And we did….FINALLY!! haha…oh man, sometimes it’s just the little things that get you excited.  I met up with him at the agreed spot and drove to the shooting location.  I asked Johne what the difference is from the west coast and the east coast in the car scene.  And anyone thats been in it, knows it by looking at magazines ( do people still do that?) blogs or websites.  But I still like to ask anyways, just to hear a personal opinion.  SImply stated, just the vibe that’s there.  People are chill it seems.  Johne is a chill guy.  As far as I know. Haha.  And of course having no restrictions on the west coast helps too.  Unlike here on the east.  *Shakes fist*.  Anyways, it was a lot of fun shooting this car…and trying to shoot this car.  There is always some fun in a chase.  I’m sure I will come back and reshoot it…because I have some ideas for it…but for now enjoy this gallery of this beautiful machine…and if you see him at Tuner Evolution, give him a high five!  🙂

And be on the lookout for some roller shots on my FB page!

Follow Johne on IG: @j0hne


Exterior: Ferrari Red Color Campos 94 Lip (front bumper lip) ’94 Wing Solid Side Moldings JDM Turn Signals JDM Taillights Muteki Lug Nuts Raybrig Headlight Wheels/Brakes: White – Work Emotion CR Ultimates (Kiwami) Front: 18×9.5 +20 Rear: 18×10.5 +22 215/35 Fronts, 245/35 Rears Wilwood BBK Upfront Steel Braided Lines All Around

Interior: Corbeau Seats Nardi Classic Steering Wheel NRG Quick Release Razo Shift Knob Factory Toyota Navi AVN EMS Powered Boost Gauge Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers K-Sport 22kg/25kg Springs OBX Crash Bolts TRD Sway Bars

Engine: 4th Generation 3SGTE Wire Tuck and Shave by TCS Motorsports Engine Work by TCS Motorsports ClutchMasters FX400 Clutch (Stage 4) Precision 5558 Turbo DOC Race Exhaust Manifold 3″ TCS Downpipe TIAL Wastegate TIAL BOV Spearco Intercooler with TCS Piping TCS 85mm Dual Exit Exhaust TCS Fan Shroud w/ x2 11″ Spal Pullers Fans

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