“DAMN SON!” – Terence’s Challenger

One of the things I love about the car game is the originality that shows up everyone once in awhile.  Nowdays, it seems that everyone has the same mods and what happens is, cars start looking the same.  Terence’s Charger here, doesn’t really look like any other car out there.  At least from what i’ve seen.  And maybe there is another one that does.  But I haven’t seen it.(shrug).  Moving on….   🙂
Mods are  the same across the board.  Every enthusiasts starter pack consists of springs/wheels/air freshener (or intake and exhaust, whatever you wanna call it).  But it is always about how you use what you got.  Anyone can buy those mods and throw them on their car and that’s it.  Some people don’t realize how long we contemplate the parts that we will buy.
“Do I want springs?  Coilovers? What if I bag it?  Can I afford Air Rides?”  These are big decisions!!  It can impact on how the car will look.  Terence decided to go with Accuair (he had coils on it once before….).  “What wheels do I want?!”  Ahhh yes, now this question is where you can have debates and doubts with yourself.  Wheels make the car.  Wheels give your car “the look”.  It’s what helps catches your eyes in a store window as you’re cruising down the street and almost makes you run a red light.


Terence decided on a Avant Garde 3-piece forged wheel, F230 design, gold bullion face and outer lip. Chrome hardware.  Pretty original color if you ask me.  DAT COLOR DOE.
The Corsa Catback adds a nice grumble to it as it passes you on the highway blinding you with the sunlight reflecting off the wheels.  Be blessed if its the last thing you got to see before you went blind! haha
Terence was in town for Moparpalooza down in Woodford, Va and hit me up for some pictures.  Who could turn down a shoot of this beautiful beast?  I couldn’t…I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.    Shout out to my boy Hector who helped me out with this shoot before he had to go to work.

Check out more of Terence on IG: @vegas.srt8


AFE intake
Ported throttle body
Speedlogix strut tower brace
Billet Technology engine dress up kit
Corsa Catback.
AG wheels 22×10 +4, 22×12 +1
Accuair elevel suspension
Custom hardlines

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